I Saw A Demon At A Cabin In Mammoth Lakes

Well this is how it all began at the cabin in Mammoth Lakes.

About six months ago we all went to Mammoth Lakes to go see nature and everything. We stayed at this wonderful cabin like if it was for rich people.

The first night I slept there I heard no noises, but the second night I heard all kinds. I felt something watching me, and my cousin was in another bed and he was talking in his sleep, which is kind of weird when its two o' clock in the morning.

I thought he was just trying to scare me, but every minute I heard knocking on the walls, it was behind my bed. I then heard heavy breathing next to me. I jumped up, and screamed, I woke my cousin up and he had gotten mad at me, I woke up the rest of the family also, and as I told them what I heard they all started laughing.

They told me to just go back to bed, but I was too scared to, but I didn't have a choice. I went back to bed, and slept all morning. After that we just went hiking and everything, but the next night came too fast, it was almost midnight and my cousin was asleep. I was watching TV.

Then I heard something call my name. I was frightened, I looked around nervously and I saw a shadow in the light under the door. I opened the door and there was no body there. I went back to bed and that's when I saw it. I looked to my left of the bed and outside of the window I saw a demon looking thing there knocking on the window.

I started to scream, and again I woke everyone up. They started laughing even harder than the last time. I told them I was not going to sleep in that room anymore so my aunt switched with me and she said nothing happened.

Some say it is the trick of the mind, but I say it was real, I am not afraid of ghosts but when it comes to demons and such, I am scared to death.

Contributed by Joshua and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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