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Military Intelligence and the Connection to UFOs

Soon H.P.I. (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations) of Northern California will be on their very first UFO investigation. The letters of HPI stands for Haunted (as in ghosts, spirits, demonic, poltergeist and residual hauntings) and Paranormal (that means anything paranormal, one day we may even investigate the Mothmen or the Chupacabra activities in Puerto Rico). Soon we will be branching out and be involved in the Mt. Shasta UFO/Bigfoot Investigation. When this happens, you will be reading about it. Because I will be writing the story! I will be the UFO guru on this investigation. The reason being is because in 1974, while I was stationed in Ft. Jackson, South Carolina, I was out with 2 other GIs in the town of Columbia. We happened to look up in the night sky and saw 6 glowing blue discs in a V shape formation. One of the soldiers said "geese?" I said..."that can't be geese, they're glowing blue!" As we watched, the discs at incredible speed took off in an erratic pattern and disappeared.

Now let's jump to a hot summer in July. The year is 1976. I was then living with a former girlfriend named Helen Lang. At the time I was sitting in my apartment, watching Dick Van Dyke's The Comic. The TV went static and Helen was screaming at the top of her lungs. I asked her what happened. She claimed that a UFO was hovering above her at a distance of 200 feet. At first, I didn't believe her, but she was hysterical and crying. I drove her to the Sacramento Sheriff's Office. The sheriff gave her an 800 number to call. It was the Center of UFO Studies, founded by J. Allen Hynek. Helen made her report. Shortly after this UFO sighting, Helen and I broke off our relationship. One day, I happened to pick up the Sacramento Bee and discovered that Helen is mentioned in the UFO article about the sighting that had occurred in that month of July. What was surprising is that 2 other people in Sacramento, in two other locations saw the same UFO! This validated Helen's story. J. Allen Hynek, formerly of Air Force's Project Bluebook called me and asked to speak to Helen. I told Allen Hynek that I was unable to locate Helen, because we broke up. He asked what I was doing when the UFO was hovering over Helen. I told Mr. Hynek I was watching TV. He asked what happened during the time of the sighting. I said, the TV went static. He told me that is what occurs when a UFO is present. Radio and TVs will go static, a car engine will stall. He asked if I saw the UFO, I told him 'no'. I told him that Helen drew a picture of the UFO and I sent the drawing to Mr. Hynek.

After these two occurrences happened to me, I became very curious about UFOs. I started reading about the various type of aliens that have been seen on our planet. I learned about UFO hotspots. I was in the Army from 1973 to 1976 as an M.P. (Military Policeman) working with D.S.T. (Drug Suppression Team) for C.I.D. (Criminal Investigation Division) in Germany. I was working undercover narcotics. The Military Intelligence barracks was always located near the MP barracks. I remember seeing Military Intelligence guys in suits going here and there in brief cases. That image never left my mind. I always wanted to know what Military Intelligence did.

Finally in 1979, I went and watched a James Bond movie. It made me think about the US Army's Military Intelligence and before I knew it I was talking to an Army Recruiter and signing on the dotted line. I was going to Military Intelligence School in Ft. Huachuca, Arizona.

I became a 97 Bravo, Intelligence Analyst and found myself stationed at PIC-K (Photo Interpretation Center in Korea). My job was to work with Image Interpreters that worked with hot rolls from reconnaissance aircraft and satellites. On these hotrolls were pictures of North Korea and Red China. A lot of times, we wore suits, or we wore Class A uniforms with no insignia to identify us as 'spooks', Military Intelligence. We would drive black sedans, with tinted windows and no identifying plates. We would have a sign on the dash board, that this vehicle was not to be stopped for any reason. People who didn't know who we were, may have thought we were the Men in Black. The Korean police were notified of our midnight hot runs. We would make hotruns from Seoul to Osan AFB to pick up hotrolls. I would have one half of the combination and my partner would have the other half of the combination to open up the trunk of the car and a suitcase inside the trunk of the car, in which the hotrolls would go into. My clearance was Top Secret S.B.I. (Special Background Investigation). My code name was: Hollywood. I dressed the part, black suit, tie, white shirt, sunglasses, short cropped hair. Far from my days as a narc, wearing a trenchcoat, beard, long hair, sunglasses. My days as a narc with CID, my code name was Porkchops. So here I was, I transformed from Porkchops to a new persona...Hollywood, a spook that worked with other spooks from Marine Recon, Delta Force, Special Forces, Air Force Special Ops, Naval Intelligence, Air Force Intelligence in a combined effort to thwart the enemy and protect our sacred soil, known as the US of A!

During my days at PIC-K, I came across 6 shocking aerial photos taken from satellites. They were 6 photos of UFOs. They were classified as UFOs, because they were considered as intelligently controlled because of their movements and behavior. I now knew that it was a falsehood when the Air Force disclosed that they were no longer investigating UFOs. Here I was holding and categorizing 6 UFO photographs. The photographs went to the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) and then to the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and from there they disappeared into a black void.

There was one more photograph that I thought was odd. It wasn't a picture of a UFO, it was a picture taken in Vietnam, the year was 1981. It was classified as a possible American POW. Later there were reports from US Army's Special Forces that American POWs were still being imprisoned in Vietnam. When I saw this photo, I was irritated that our government wasn't doing anything about these forgotten POWs. Maybe, I talked too much and before I knew it I was shipped off to Ft. Knox, Kentucky and received an H Identifier, which means I became an Army Instructor. I taught the Soviet Threat to elite troops like the 101st Airborne - Screaming Eagles, 82nd Airborne, US Army's Airborne Rangers, Marine Recon, Delta Force, Navy Seals. I taught them how to use Soviet weapons like the AK-47, AKMS (modified version of the AK-47, SVD Sniper Rifle, RPG 7 and 2. I taught them the W.E.F.T. (Wings, Engine, Fuselage and Tailsection) of Soviet Aircraft, the kill zones of Soviet Aircraft, Tanks and Amphibian Assault Vehicles.

One part of my gig was to wear a ski mask, Soviet uniform, black gloves, combat boots. I had a fake Russian accent. I called myself Corporal Dowbowski. I was supposed to be a Soviet defector. I taught Soviet calisthenics. Later I was stationed at Ft. Polk, Louisiana and Camp Beaugard, Louisiana. I finally got out of the service in 1986. I wrote a previous article about my days in Military Intelligence, in which Canada's X-Zone, equivalent to CoasttoCoastAM had me as a guest on their show for a one hour time slot and I discussed my days in Military Intelligence and the connection to UFOs. This was broadcast throughout the world via their radio show. A radio show that once interviewed Erich von Daniken, the author of Chariots of the Gods and Art Bell of CoasttoCoastAM.

Does the military know something about UFOs? Of course they do.

Written by and Copyright © 2007 Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter www.hpiparanormal.net Paranormal Cellular Hotline: 916 203 7503 Email: JazmaPika @ cs.com

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